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Zamboni Series: Educational Information

These 32-page chapter books are intended for 2nd Grade readers. This series serves several purposes:


1) Each book helps readers transition from picture books to chapter books, encouraging them to construct more meaning from text than from visual clues.


2) The setting of each book correlates to a recognizable locale within the readers' own neighborhoods and/or communities. This expands the readers' text-to-self and text-to-world schema development.

3) Each book improves literacy by modeling a circular narrative, as well as the author's voice.

4) As a result of the schema connections described above, readers can use the Zamboni series as a model for writing their own circular Zamboni narratives, set in their own neighborhoods and/or communities. 

5) In addition to its literary purposes, the Zamboni series portrays the emotional connection felt between children and their pets.

6) Finally, the Zamboni series provides humorous and delightful reading experiences.

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