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Vicki Scott Burns



Coming in 2021!

Charli is a 2nd Grade girl with a vivid imagination! In each book, Charli imagines herself as a grownup with a STEM-related career. As you explore each career with Charli, you'll laugh at the antics of her playful dog, Paris! 

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Billy, a 2nd Grade boy, has a pet guinea pig named Zamboni. Billy doesn't know that Zamboni can escape from his cage. Whenever Zamboni escapes, he causes quite a commotion! Join Zamboni on his zany adventures!

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each book!


Both books are available in English and Spanish.


Kaeden Publishing

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Writing has always been an important part of my life. During 2nd Grade, I discovered my passion for writing stories and poetry. When I was eight years old, I proudly announced to my father that my dream was to become an author!


I earned a college degree in English. I was a technical writer for several years, then became a teacher. I taught 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade. I especially loved teaching students to express themselves and their imaginations through writing! 

In 2003, I decided to chase my dream of becoming an author! My dream was realized in 2007 with the publication of my first children's book, Zamboni's Bath. It was followed several years later by Zamboni's Goal. Click here to learn more about my Zamboni series.

In 2019, I created my Charli series. The first four titles will be published in 2021. To learn more about my Charli series, click here

You can stay updated on my books by following my blog, my Facebook page, or on Instagram. 

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Vicki Scott Burns

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