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About Me

  • My home is surrounded by woods, and by wildlife! My animal neighbors include deer, turkeys, beavers, groundhogs, coyotes, turtles, owls, and many different birds. On occasion, a black bear appears. I've even watched a bald eagle fly over my house! 

  • I've been married to my husband, Rick, for 38years! We met in 9th Grade, and quickly became best friends. We started dating a few years later.

  • Rick and I have three grown children, all of whom live in Massachusetts. Our daughter is a teacher. One son is a software engineer, and the other son is a math professor and researcher. We are extremely proud of them! We get to see them quite often, which makes us very happy!

  • We have one granddaughter, and she is amazing! She is a talented equestrian, and an incredible artist. In fact, she painted the book background for this website! (It's on the Home page.)

  • I love to read! I like many genres: children's books, mysteries, historical fiction, classic literature, memoirs, and poetry. My granddaughter recently convinced me to read her favorite YA fantasy books, and now I love that genre, too!

  • I have three ShihTzus: Tiffany, Fenway, and Paris. Tiffany loves to sit in my lap. Fenway loves to play with toys, and bark at cars. Paris loves to investigate everything, and to be mischievous! I decided to make Paris a character in my Charli series. I'm thankful that Paris doesn't cause quite as much mischief in real life, as she does in my Charli books!

  • I didn't start riding horses until I was 50 years old! At that time, my granddaughter started taking riding lessons. I thought it would be fun for us to ride horses together. So, I started taking riding lessons, too. Before long, I was hooked, and I bought a horse! His name is Ringo Starr. I ride him almost every day. Ringo and I make a great team! We especially love to canter!

  • I recently bought my second horse. His show name is "Elementary, My Dear" but I call him Sherlock. 





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