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Charli Series

Charli is a 2nd Grade girl with a vivid imagination! In each book, Charli imagines herself with a specific STEAM-related career. 


Each delightful story includes some silly antics caused by Charli's dog, Paris! 

The first six books in my Charli series will be published in 2024/2025. I'll keep you updated on my blog, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

​​Educators: for educational information about this series, click here.

Fun Fact

Charli's dog, Paris, is based on my real dog named Paris! She is a ShihTzu (pronounced "Sheed-zoo"), with a BIG personality! Paris is very playful, with a knack for causing mischief!

 I thought it would be fun to include her as a character in my Charli books. I hope you'll love Paris as much as I do!

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