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Charli Series: Educational Information

Charli is a 2nd Grade girl who imagines herself as an adult in various STEM-related careers. These 32-page chapter books are intended for 2nd Grade readers. This series serves several purposes:


1) Each book improves literacy by modeling a circular narrative, as well as the author's voice.

2) Each book helps readers transition from picture books to chapter books, encouraging them to construct more meaning from text than from visual clues.


3) Each book enables readers to make schema connections to their own lives, communities, and aspirations.

4) Each book exposes readers to a specific career, thus expanding their knowledge and vocabulary bases.


5) Each book explores a career for which at least one STEM component is necessary, as well as practically applied. Thus, readers are encouraged to pursue and be empowered by STEM education. 

6) Each book encourages readers to believe in themselves, and in their ability to achieve their aspirations.

7) Each book provides a humorous and delightful reading experience.

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