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Go, Charli!

Updated: May 4, 2023

The contract for my Charli series has been signed, sealed, and delivered! Six titles will be released by Kaeden Publishing in Fall 2023.

Charli is a 2nd Grade girl with a vivid imagination! In each book, Charli imagines herself as a grownup with a STEM-related career. Each book includes some hilarious antics of Charli's dog, Paris (based on my actual dog named Paris). Making kids giggle while reading is a delightful bonus for me!

This chapter-book series, intended for 2nd Grade readers, serves two primary purposes: 1) It helps students transition from picture books to chapter books, enabling them to construct more meaning from text than from visual clues; and 2) It encourages children to pursue and engage in STEM education.

I'll keep you posted on titles, cover art, and more!

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